Microsoft has announced the Window 10 Creators Update will be made available to all Windows 10 users from April 11th. Up until now it’s just been Windows 10 Insiders who’ve been able to test out the major new update.

It includes Windows 10 Game Mode, a performance boosting utility which minimizes the resource impact of non-gaming applications when you boot up a game.

Early benchmarks haven’t been all that positive on Windows 10 Game Mode, with its effect on frame rates being negligible at best. Lower end systems stand to gain the most from Game Mode, while those who already have excess CPU and memory performance will notice little, if any, change.

Those brave enough to use the Microsoft Edge web browser will also find it’s been given a major overhaul, alongside new privacy tools and additional security gubbins.

Windows 10 Creators Update

As for why it’s called the Creators Update… I really can’t say. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal more in terms of changes than those outlined above, although it does sort of mark the introduction of Windows VR. The actual applications which can use it look a bit threadbare though, so I guess it’s up to the ‘Creators’ to get busy.

Windows 10 Creators Update Video

Windows 10 Creators Update will also include a new Game Mode, 3D Paint, mixed reality headsets support, and picture-in-picture mode as well.


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