Singer Sonu Nigam has shaved off his hair in response to a “fatwa” issued by West Bengal Minority United Council (WBMUC) vice president Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi. After Sonu’s tweet on the morning azaan, the latter had announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh to anyone who would shave Sonu’s hair and parade him.

Sonu Nigam Shaved Head Picture

Sonu had announced on Twitter that he himself would shave off his hair and would demand Rs 10 lakh from the cleric. As announced, the singer has now shaved his hair. Sonu had triggered a controversy by complaining on Twitter about being woken up by the loud sound of morning azaan.

Sonu Nigam Saved Head

“God bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India,” Sonu had tweeted. “And by the way Mohammed did not have electricity when he made Islam. Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison,” he added.

Sonu Nigam

Twitter was abuzz with Sonu Nigam’s bold move against the fatwa.


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