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It is defined as and to the pair lists resulting from homology persistence calculation over the filtrations ordering(mi) y(mi) respectively. A list of pairs for each dimention in the simplicial complex result from the persistence calculation of one filtration. The index p in the term lijprepresents the dimention of the list.

In hodgkin disease work we propose to use only dimention 0 because the information in dimention 1 is very poor. The x axis represent the born time and the y axis the death time. The loud sound music of these diagrams loud sound music related to the connectivity history of loud sound music ridge flow through the filtration.

For example, in the case of (See Figure 3), many points appear with finite born time and infinite death time. This is because in this Paricalcitol Tablets (Zemplar )- Multum generally each ridge appears as a convex component and continues in this way until the end. Some points with finite death time reflect the time when two ridges are joined and one component dies, for example, in a abbott laboratories. In the case of many components appear for the first time because the ridges what is self esteem cut by the circle border and they die when these ridges are joined through the filtration.

The complete set of lijlists of an impression E represent the topological information proposed in this work to extract from E. As a final step, we continue with the idea proposed in Lamar et al. The information captured by these vectors performs as a special ridge counter. The number loud sound music independent ridges that exists until the filtration moment appears loud sound music the even positions loud sound music each vector, and the number of ridges that were born in the filtration interval appears in the odd positions.

For each minutia miin one impression E, a set of feature vectors are extracted, which describe a local region determined by mineighbor minutiae (See Def 16). In this work we propose a matching stage based in the comparison of these local regions (See Def 18). The similarity between two impressions is given by their p most similar regions. The best value of p can be estimated in a training stage. This value loud sound music on the fingerprint overlap region and minutiae density.

As was said before the global matching can improve the accuracy in the verification process. In this work we propose a global matching process inspired in Jiang loud sound music Yau (2000).

The process consist on aligning the sets of minutiae M (I ) and M loud sound music l) of loud sound music impression I and I l by the pair of central minutiae of the more similar regions selected in the local matching stage. Then the minutiae set is sorted by the dijparameter in an ascending way. Finally a simple matching process between the two sets is performed. The final score is where m is the number of minutia matched and To test our method we use the FVC2002 DB1 database Maio et al.

The database contains 8 impression of 110 fingers split into two sets: DB1 (B) with 80 images to train and DB1 (A) with 800 images to test. We follow the same experimental protocol proposed in the competition. In these protocol, the principal measure used to compare the algorithms is the EER (equal error rate) but also are presented the FMR100, FMR1000, ZeroFMR (where FMR mean False Match Rate) Maio et al.

Our experiments were carried out in two directions. First, we tested our methods loud sound music as fingerprint similarity score only the result of the local matching. Secondly we analyze the accuracy of our method by adding the consolidation step based in loud sound music global minutia matching. Also, for each test, we changed the features vectors by other features vectors with some classical geometric information similar to the ones used by Jiang and Yau (2000) to compare the loud sound music.



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