Raaga 2nd Days Box office Collection : Raaga Kannada film releasing on 21st of April all over Karnataka in the direction of PC Shekhar is a pathetic story of two blind persons. It is about the two ‘Minds’ meeting with abnormal situation in life. The film is sure to give emotional moments.

Raaga Kannada Movie Review: A wonderful movie comes only when there are some actors who mesmerize with their performance. Raaga is also one of them which takes the thing called performance from the characters and becomes a tale to show how the world is.

Mithra and Bhama who are great with their performance in the movie delivered their best to get going along with story.

Raaga Kannada Movie Review Story Plot:

Story: The story revolves around two blind people who thinks that world is big to explore even they can’t see light. What if “Love is blind” is “Blind in Love”! This expression of a love of two blind people with no prejudice or expectation, in fact, love in its pristine form is RAAGA – The melody of love.

The love doesn’t have any exceptions nor any wishes. Just wait for a perfect glimpse of time where this love can be build through a perfect story.

RAAGA – Romantic Thriller

RAAGA – Romantic Thriller HD Video Trailer

Raaga Kannada Movie Rating, Public Talk:

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Raaga 2nd Days Box office Collection :

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