THE former chief executive of Thinx, a maker of lingerie for menstruating women, has been slammed with a slew of graphic sex-harassment allegations.

CEO Miki Agrawal grabbed her employees’ breasts, grabbed profusely about her sex life in the office, got undressed in front of workers and video-dialled them while using the bathroom and lying in bed naked, according to a former employee.

Miki Agrawal thinx

Miki Agrawal — a self-proclaimed “She-EO” who has long traded on feminist principles — has denied the allegations, filed with the City of New York Commission on Human Rights, saying many of her actions and conversations had been taken out of context.

Still, Agrawal reportedly stepped down as CEO after Thinx’s board investigated, although she is still currently employed by the company.

Miki Agrawal

The accusations, made by former Thinx employee Chelsea Leibow, include claims that Agrawal touched Liebow’s breasts without her consent.

Because of Agrawal’s “aggressive and retaliatory demeanour, position of authority and style of management”, Lebow says she was afraid of speaking up for herself while enduring the harassment.

Who is Miki Agrawal ?

Agrawal was also accused of fat-shaming employees.

New York magazine reported Monday that Agrawal recounted to employees her sexual exploits at an “Orgy Dome” at the Burning Man festival in explicit detail, and left one of her breasts completely exposed while talking to a worker.

Miki Agrawal thinx Underwear

Miki Agrawal had also alleged a culture of harassment and intimidation under Agrawal, who doled out “substandard pay, flimsy benefits, and scarce perks,” according to the article.

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