Bollywood (Flash Mob) dance performance by CU Students at HOLI 2013. An event organized by AID-Colorado at the University of Colorado Boulder. USA

Holi: Holi is the Indian Spring Festival of Colors celebrated annually with Colors and Food. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil and ushers in the spring season. The festival commemorates a Hindu myth about a witch, Holika, who burned children in a fire. One child repeated the Hare Krishna mantra as he was carried into the flames and the witch was burned instead.

AID is volunteer-based organization that works to achieve sustainable, equitable and fair development in India. It supports grassroots, non-governmental and community-based groups organizations in India in initiating work in fields like education, livelihoods, natural resources, health women’s empowerment and social justice. This support comes out of the belief that the problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, social inequality, corruption and shrinking natural resources are all interconnected and lead to and feed-off the other. Therefore the solutions to such problems should also be interconnected. AID works on supporting initiatives in diverse areas like education, infrastructure, financial resources, health-care, ensuring the accountability of existing organizations, environmental awareness, sustainable utilization/conservation of irreplaceable resources.


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