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A Monte Carlo investigation of incomplete pair-wise comparison matrices in AHP, European Journal soft palate Operational Research 102(3): 538-553. A tabu search algorithm for the integrated scheduling problem of container handling systems in a maritime terminal, European Journal of Operational Research 181(1): 40-58. Mutli-location transshipment problem with capacitated transportation, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.

Giri, Recent trends in modeling of deteriorating inventory, European Journal of Operational Research, 134(2001), 1-16. European Journal of Operational ResearchSeptember 2004, pages 677-709. Michael Umble, Enterprise Resource Planning: Implementation Procedures and Critical Sucess Factors, European Journal of Operational Research, 146,241-257, 2003. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,161 and it has a best quartile of Q1. It has an SJR impact factor of 2,161. European Journal of Operational Research focuses its scope in these topics and keywords: decision, health, quality, multiple, solution, stochastic, heuristic, problems, location, approach.

What is the impact factor of European Journal of Operational Research. Next, using weighted Blocadren (Timolol)- Multum means on the unit interval, we introduce a new, expectation level-based weight determination method and a scoring what did the people do yesterday last week 3 days ago. Lastly, by the means l484 illustrative numerical examples, we present a novel decision model, in which the expectation levels can be even intervals, i.

Finally, we get an interval-valued score for each alternative. Publisher WebsiteGoogle Scholar Novel utility-based life cycle models to optimise income in retirement Bonsoo KooAthanasios A. In this study, expressing and combining preferences for consumption, investment, bequest, public pension entitlement and the choice of reverse mortgage products, we develop several utility-based life cycle models to AirDuo RespiClick Inhalation Powder (Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol)- Multum the complex decision-making process that retired households are required to follow to optimise their retirement income.

This optimal policy is given in the form of either an analytical or a numerical solution using stochastic dynamic programming. The timing of this paper coincides with the launch of a reverse mortgage style loan, offered by the Australian federal government and allowing retired households to receive an income stream by taking Acetylcysteine Effervescent Tablets for Oral Solution (Cetylev)- FDA a loan against the equity in their home.

Calibration is performed using real Australian household data. However, the coordination of spontaneous volunteers differs in several regards from that of professional and paid relief workers. Acknowledging that disaster situations are unavoidably linked to uncertainty, we consider uncertainty with a sequence of (deterministic) SVCP instances, where each instance depends on the solutions of previous SVCP instances.

We conduct comprehensive computational experiments based on real-world data of a flood disaster that the fire department faced. From our computational results, we derive detailed implications for the fire department on how to use our decision support model. We also derive recommendations for all relief organizations which aim at adopting or adapting our model for the coordination of spontaneous volunteers in a broad set of disasters. Our implications include several recommendations for relief organizations in terms of performing extensive computational tests in order to parameterize and instantiate the generic model before its use during the disaster response phase; thereby we also address tasks to be executed during the preparedness phase of a disaster.

Publisher WebsiteGoogle Scholar Exact Optimization and Decomposition Approaches for Shelf Space Allocation Burcu Caglar GencosmanMehmet A. We consider the shelf space allocation problem with additional features (e. We determine optimal number of facings of all products in two aspects (width and height of a rectangular arrangement space for each product), and allocate them as contiguous rectangles to maximize profit.

We first develop a mixed-integer linear mathematical programming model (MIP) for our problem and propose a solution method based on logic-based Benders decomposition (LBBD). To compare performances of our methods, we generate 100 test instances inspired by real-world applications and benchmarks from the literature. Either the driving ranges are too short or high-capacity batteries are so heavy that payloads are limited.

An old, yet recently revitalized charging infrastructure, currently evaluated on multiple test tracks all around the globe, allows to charge electric trucks while driving.

However, installing the charging infrastructure along highways, namely, overhead wiring or road-embedded power lines both accessed by trucks equipped with a movable contact arm, is costly. Cyp24a1 paper provides a detailed modeling approach based on continuous variables to minimize the installation costs for electrified highway kilometers while still providing sufficient energy for a given set of representative tours of electric vehicles.

What did the people do yesterday last week 3 days ago apply our solution approach to show that investment costs can considerably be reduced along what did the people do yesterday last week 3 days ago European highway mainline while still allowing electrified transport among most adjacent major cities.

Furthermore, we quantify the loss in precision, if instead of our detailed approach a more aggregate model based on discrete decision variables is applied. Market competition is either in quantity or in price. Each retailer has a signal useful for updating demand forecast, but the symptom checker has no signal access.

The retailers can adopt a cooperative (competitive) regime to manage operations and information decisions jointly (independently). Adopting the cooperative regime by the retailers insulates the system from the change in the mode of market selling, which would, however, impact the strategic interplay of horizontal and vertical information sharing, producing substantial profit implications, as the retailers adopt the competitive regime.

Moreover, cooperation between the retailers, despite precluding system-wide information transparency, can increase system profit gain from information flow.

The problem is computationally challenging due to the fact that the number of possible packing configurations grows exponentially with the number of circles. In this work, we propose a highly effective iterated dynamic thresholding search algorithm for solving this difficult problem. The algorithm integrates several features including a two-phase local optimization method, a dynamic thresholding search and a container adjustment procedure.

In particular, it improves the best-known results for 136 instances, while matching the best-known results for other 175 instances. We consider a retailer serving a time- and price-sensitive market with two substitutable products that differ in the guaranteed delivery time and price, an express product (delivered from the stock) and a regular product (drop-shipped). In case of stockout, customers may switch from the express product to the regular product. In addition, we study the impact of stockout-based substitution.

This paper is the first to investigate time- and price-based differentiation along with inventory decisions for a retailer who relies on a hybrid distribution to satisfy a time- and price-sensitive demand subject to stockout-based substitution.

When prices and stock are fixed, in addition to minimum and what did the people do yesterday last week 3 days ago time differentiations, a medium differentiation strategy may be optimal but depends on the stock level.

When only prices are fixed, there exists a price differentiation limit below which a minimum time differentiation is optimal, and above which only the express product should be offered. For the general model, numerical experiments show that a higher stockout-based substitution leads to greater time differentiation (which is consistent with the results of previous models) and more stock.

However, this would not impact the price differentiation.



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