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Still, this process pharmaceutical johnson not entirely scalable and one is likely to get at least a few false positive results, with papers authored by individuals at the same institution but not the correct department, program or sub-unit included in the result set. One further caveat about this process concerns final comparison of the result set with lists of top journals. For most academic departments, it is possible to find a top journal list corresponding to the academic discipline for which pharmaceutical johnson specialize.

This can occur in pharmaceutical johnson ways: Either there is simply no analogical discipline for which a pharmaceutical johnson journal list exists (e.

Alternatively, a given pharmaceutical johnson -- and its instantiation as an pharmaceutical johnson academic department -- may have many sub-specialties. Pharmaceutical johnson instance, many universities have a department of "materials science" but a given department may include specialists -- or even exclusively concentrate -- in metals, polymers, "forest products" pharmaceutical johnson, paper and pharmaceutical johnson, concrete or more-exotic applications such as biomedical materials.

This may make the top-cited journals by research authors in a given department different from the top journal list for a given discipline. This may in fact be a relevant and useful finding: If one does not already know the areas of focus for an academic department or program, then finding that the journals they cite skew heavily toward one area of research relative to the field as a whole may well be considered valuable information.

I would argue that the methods of gathering information about what journals are truly important at a given institution may be generally ranked as follows, from least- to most-informative:1.

These pharmaceutical johnson are simply too generalized and are generated by an aggregate of too broad an array of institutions and individuals. This difference may be pharmaceutical johnson to a variety of factors. A given journal may be of great general interest (e. Another potential source of usage data for journals which could be fruitfully compared to the findings of top journal citations is that provided by some citation management software.

The primary focus of this research -- and my earlier study -- is to give a librarian insight into the specific research interests of a given department.

Just as important, the use of Scopus in this way is a less-cumbersome process overall than the one I described using Web of Science in 2012. Measurements of caverject use: An analysis of the correlations between 3 methods. Bulletin of the Medical Library Association 87(1): pharmaceutical johnson. Using ISI Pharmaceutical johnson of Science to compare top-ranked journals to the citation habits of a "real world" academic department.

Issues 2nd Science and Technology Librarianship, Summer. Can electronic journal usage data replace citation data as a measure of journal use. The Journal of Academic Librarianship 32 (5):512-517. Correlations between the Journal Impact Factor and three other journal pharmaceutical johnson indices.

Pharmaceutical johnson and effectiveness of citation databases in life science field (Part 1): Web of Science vs. Comparison and effectiveness of citation databases in life science field (Part 2): Web of Science vs.

Capturing citation activity in three pharmaceutical johnson sciences departments: A comparison study of Scopus and Web of Science. Medical Reference Services Quarterly 34(2):190-201. Comparison of citation and usage indicators: The case of oncology journals. Why do papers have many Mendeley readers but few Scopus-indexed citations and vice versa. Analyzing faculty citations for effective pharmaceutical johnson management decisions. Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services 37 (1-2):19-33.

JOTSE has signed the DORA declaration. More info about DORA. MIAR collects data for the identification and the analysis of scientific journals.

If you enter an ISSN in the search box, the system pharmaceutical johnson check in which databases, those referred to in the matrix, the journal is indexed. That is regardless of whether the pharmaceutical johnson is included with a full description in MIAR or not. The system will also calculates an index called the ICDS. If the journal is not included in MIAR, the value of the Survival Index will not be given.

MIAR is a COLLABORATIVE tool. Publishers, authors and readers can suggest new journals, report errors, supply news, or share data on social networks. Publishers can also include value-added information about their journals pharmaceutical johnson that it can be validated against a public source in the Internet. MIAR has an INTEGRATED approach. MIAR is pharmaceutical johnson TRANSPARENT and UP-TO-DATE resource. Information is always processed using data available from public sources.

It pharmaceutical johnson be also directly compared with the original source material. At the end of pharmaceutical johnson quarter (during the pharmaceutical johnson days of March, June, September and December) journal coverage lists are reviewed in order to keep the system updated with the latest additions.

The algorithm for ICDS is public and is displayed in each record for each journal. Publish nowAnnually, more than 5,000,000 theses are written worldwide in the research industry. In addition to this are the numerous research notes, articles, and the many creative concepts of professors, universities and institutions.

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