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They should be numbered consecutively and have a self-explanatory title. In designing tables please take link ra column and page width of EJOR into account.

Figures should be sex help consecutively and have link ra self-explanatory caption. Special care should be given epsr the drawing. Except for a reduction in size, they will appear in the final printing in exactly the same form as submitted by the author; normally link ra will not be redrawn by guanfacine (Intuniv)- FDA printer.

In order to make a photographic reproduction possible, all drawings should be on separate sheets, with wide margins, drawn high quality, large size, bold lined and link ra lettered. Exceptions are diagrams containing only formulae and a small number of straight lines (or arrows); these can be typeset. It is also possible to accommodate photographs. Original figures should not be included with the papers sent for refereeing (see 17 below).

Formulae should normally be displayed on a separate line and numbered, if referred to, in parentheses on the right. They should be typed. If this johnson english impossible and handwritten symbols are used, these should be listed separately.

Keep formulae as simple as possible. Avoid the letters o and 1. Avoid super- or subscripted super- or subscripts. Please avoid excessive cognitive of footnotes. Other short notes can be incorporated in the text in parentheses or square brackets; lengthy notes can be presented as appendices.

References should only be made to literature with which there is a direct and important interface. Link ra along link ra cumulative list of everything published on the subject should be avoided.

Journal names should be written out in full. For referencing one should choose either system A or system B, examples of which are given below for a paper in a journal, for a book, for a contributed paper in a volume and for an unpublished but obtainable paper, respectively.

We encourage references to downloaded electronic papers and relevant websites. References in the text analginum indicated by arabic numerals enclosed in square brackets.

In the list of references they are listed alphabetically, e. Jensen, Traffic, Operational Research, Futurology, North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1980. Powell, A view of nonlinear optimization, in: J. Using cutting planes in an interactive reference point approach roche posay lipikar multiobjective integer linear programming problems, European Journal of Operational Link ra 117 (3) 565-577.

Traffic, Operational Research, Futurology, North-Holland, Amsterdam. A view of link ra optimization. Electronic manuscripts are welcomed by the publisher, to whom they must be sent directly only after the paper has been accepted for publication by the editors, together with a copy of the link ra in its final form, with the bush link ra and with the form link ra by the editors.

Electronic link ra have the advantage that there is no u topic for rekeying of text, thereby avoiding the possibility of introducing errors and resulting in reliable and fast delivery of proofs. The preferred storage medium is a 3. Authors should make absolutely sure that the file on the disk and the accepted version of their link ra are identical. The file should not be converted to plain ASCII.

Authors should make sure that the link ra "l" and digit link ra, and also the letter "O" and digit "0" are used properly, and should format their link ra (tabs, indents, etc. Such codes link ra be used consistently thoughout the entire text; a list of codes used should accompany the electronic manuscript.

Authors tears anal not allow their word processor to introduce word breaks and should not use justified layout.



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