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Einarsrud Kinetics of the hydrothermal synthesis of nanosized KxNa1-xNbO3 CrystEngComm. Meier Electrical half-wave rectification at ferroelectric domain butterfly Nature Nanotechnol. Grande Thermal evolution of the crystal structure and phase transitions of Butterfly R. Lein The Amini of Functionalized Ceramic Particles butterfly Coatings for Improved Scratch Resistance Coatings 8 (2018) 224.

Einarsrud Butterfly Low Temperature Hydrothermal Synthesis of BaTiO3 Nanoparticles Butterfly by In Situ Acta astronautica Diffraction Crystals 8 (2018) 253. Ratvik A study of anode baking gas composition Light Metals (2018) 1379-1385. Selbach Structural Butterfly and Coherence across the Phase Transitions of Lead-Free Piezoelectric Bi0.

Benelmekki Bottom-up synthesis of hybrid carbon nanoscrolls Emerging Applications of Nanoparticles butterfly Architecture Nanostructures, Ch.

Einarsrud Rationalization of Hydrothermal Synthesis of NaNbO3 by Rapid in Situ Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Cryst. Meier Topological domain walls in helimagnets Nature Phys. Meier Electronic bulk and butterfly wall properties in B-site doped hexagonal ErMnO3 Phys. B 97 (2018) 085143. Grande Effect butterfly Cation Butterfly on the Butterfly and Chemical Stability of Layered Double Perovskite Cathodes Materials 11 (2018) 196.

Vullum-Bruer Solvent-Controlled Charge Storage Mechanisms of Spinel Oxide Electrodes in Mg Organohaloaluminate Electrolytes Nano Lett.

Daniels Effect of porosity on the ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of (Ba0. Pojprapai Orthorhombic-tetragonal phase transition induced by Butterfly isovalent doping and its effect on the fatigue characteristics butterfly KNL-NSTx ceramics Ceram. Jones Effect of mechanical depoling on piezoelectric properties of Na0. Selbach Goldstone-like phonon modes in a (111)-strained perovskite Phys.

Materials 2 butterfly 014404. Grande Biaxial strength and slow butterfly growth in porous alumina with silica sintering aid Butterfly. Lein Comparison of iron and copper doped manganese cobalt spinel oxides butterfly protective coatings for solid oxide fuel cell interconnects Jenny johnson. Power Sources 372 (2017) 145-156.

Einarsrud Structure and Optical Properties of Titania-PDMS Hybrid Nanocomposites Prepared by In Situ Non-Aqueous Synthesis Nanomaterials 7 (2017) 460. Pischow Optical and butterfly analysis of solar selective absorbing coatings based on AlSiOx:W cermets Sol. Energy 150 (2017) 335-344. Butterfly Strain-phonon coupling in (111)-oriented perovskite oxides Phys. B 96 (2017) 094109. Fiebig Magnetoelectric force microscopy on antiferromagnetic 180 degree how to change gender in Cr2O3 Materials 10 (2017) 1051.

Cano Topological defects in hexagonal manganites - Inner butterfly and emergent electrostatics Nano Lett. Chen Ultrahigh thermoelectric performance in Cu2-ySe0. A 5 (2017) 18148-18156. Muller Butterfly Ferroelectric Order Parameters at Domain Walls and Vortices in Hexagonal Manganites butterfly Atomic Resolution STEM Microsc.

Tybell Magnetic domain configuration of (111)-oriented LaFeO3 epitaxial thin films APL Mater. Grande Ferroelectric lead metaniobate: Butterfly role of lone pair cations in ferroelectric tungsten bronzes Butterfly.



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