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Low mutation burden in ovarian cancer may limit the utility of neoantigen-targeted vaccines. PLoS ONE (2016) 11:e0155189. Savage PA, Vosseller K, Kang C, Larimore K, Riedel E, Wojnoonski K, et al.

Engelhardt JJ, Boldajipour B, Beemiller P, Pandurangi P, Sorensen C, Werb Z, et al. Marginating dendritic cells of the tumor microenvironment cross-present tumor antigens and stably engage tumor-specific T cells. Nizard M, Roussel H, Diniz MO, Karaki S, Tran T, Voron T, et al. Induction of resident memory T cells enhances the efficacy of cancer vaccine. Malik BT, Byrne KT, Vella JL, Zhang Acetic acid, Shabaneh TB, Steinberg SM, et al.

Resident memory T cells in the skin mediate durable immunity to melanoma. Enamorado M, Iborra S, Priego E, Cueto FJ, Quintana JA, Martinez-Cano Astrazeneca plc adr azn, et al.

Milner Acetic acid, Toma Acetic acid, Yu BF, Zhang K, Omilusik K, Phan AT, et al. Djenidi F, Adam J, Goubar A, Durgeau A, Acetic acid G, de Montpreville V, et al. Wang ZQ, Milne K, Derocher H, Webb JR, Nelson BH, Watson PH. CD103 and minias immune response in breast cancer.

Komdeur FL, Prins TM, van de Wall S, Plat A, Wisman GBA, Hollema H, et al. Acetic acid AP, Clarke J, Wood O, Garrido-Martin EM, Chee Acetic acid, Mellows T, et al. Esomeprazole Magnesium (Nexium)- FDA memory features are linked to the magnitude of cytotoxic T cell responses in human lung cancer.

Murray T, Marraco SAF, Baumgaertner P, Bordry N, Cagnon L, Donda A, et al. Azizi E, Carr AJ, Plitas G, Cornish AE, Konopacki C, Prabhakaran S, et al. Single-cell map of diverse immune phenotypes in the breast tumor microenvironment. Savas P, Virassamy B, Ye C, Salim A, Mintoff CP, Caramia Acetic acid, et al. Single-cell profiling acetic acid breast cancer T cells reveals a tissue-resident memory subset associated with improved prognosis.

Guo X, Zhang Y, Zheng L, Zheng C, Song J, Zhang Q, et al. Global characterization of T cells in non-small-cell lung cancer by single-cell sequencing. Hashimoto M, Kamphorst AO, Im SJ, Kissick HT, Pillai RN, Ramalingam SS, et al. CD8 T cell exhaustion in chronic infection and cancer: opportunities for interventions.

Koh J, Kim S, Kim MY, Go H, Jeon YK, Chung DH. Acetic acid JR, Milne K, Watson P, acetic acid RJ, Nelson BH. Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes expressing the tissue resident Pegasys (Peginterferon alfa-2a)- FDA marker CD103 are associated with increased survival in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.

Cheuk S, Schlums Acetic acid, Gallais Serezal I, Martini E, Chiang SC, Marquardt N, et al. Van Acker HH, Capsomidis Acetic acid, Smits EL, Van Tendeloo VF.



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