Holi has its repercussions on the skin and hair. Not only does it rob away all the moisture from your skin but also due to the damaging effect of the strong sun and chemical colours your skin may start peeling off. It may feel stretched and you may experience extreme dryness.The underlying secret of a post-Holi bath is to nourish and moisturize the body and what better way to do it than to adopt natural ingredients and the goodness of Mother Nature. Here are three wonderful and natural scrubs that will help you remove the remnants of the nasty Holi colours as well as nourish your skin.


1. Sea salt scrub

Sea salt has a rare quality of drawing out toxins from the body. When mixed with natural oils and essential oils, it makes for the most wonderful natural scrub.You can take 200 grams of sea salt and mix it with 200 ml of olive oil. Add to this, one of the essentials oil – rose or geranium or lavender if you are feeling foggy in the head and are tired. Wet the body and scrub gently onto the skin, rinse off and pat dry.



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