Alex Dunphy is super smart but in a completely likeable way. As the middle child, she manages to be an eye rolling outside observer to the antics that surround her while quietly doing her own thing, which is just the way she likes it. She enjoys messing with both her older sister and younger brother equally, but when push comes to shove, she’ll always have their backs. What she may not have is a date to a school dance or “cool” friends like her older sister Haley.

Ariel Winter knows this firsthand. The Modern Family star, now 17, has experienced a lot of changes since she first landed the part of Alex Dunphy on the hit ABC series. One change in particular — a sudden growth spurt — left her feeling more than a little uncomfortable.

Eventually, Winter made the difficult decision to undergo surgery to reduce her chest size from a 32F to a 34D. Now that she’s recovered from the June 4 operation, she’s sharing her story.

Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy

Actress Ariel Winter sure did a lot of growing up while on the show! Winter landed the role of Alex Dunphy, the middle child to Claire and Phil and sister to Haley and Luke, when she was only 11-years-old. Her character is very intellectual and smart and often finds herself wondering how she was ever born into the family.

Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy


Ariel Winter Alex Dunphy

Ariel Winter Modern Family star

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter Hot

ariel winter Before and after

Ariel Winter Breast Operation Picture



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