1971 Beyond Borders 9th Day Collection, Mohanlal 1971 Six Day Box Office, 1971 Beyond Borders Opening Day Earning And Income, Total 13th April 2017 Business By 1971 Beyond Borders. 

1971 Beyond Borders mohanlal stills photo

1971 Beyond Borders 9th Box Office Day Collection

Mohanlal’s latest movie 1971: Beyond Borders has hit the silver screens on Friday. Directed by Major Ravi, the film will see Mohanlal in two roles – as Major Mahadevan and Major Sahadevan. 1971 Beyond Borders is the fourth instalment of Major Mahadevan series. The first three instalments in the series were Keerthichakra, Kurukshetra, and Kandahar.

1971 Beyond Border 6th Day Box Office Collection

Beyond Borders, a prequel to Kurukshetra, is based on the true events of the 1971 India-Pakistan war. Mohanlal plays a double role, one as iconic Major Mahadevan and as his dad Colonel Sahadevan.Asha Sharath, the popular actress-dancer appears as Major Sahadevan wife and Colonel Mahadevan’s mother, in the movie. 1971 Beyond Borders 1st Day Collection

1971 Beyond Border 8day Collection

1971 beyond borders

1971 Beyond Border Total Box Office Collection

1971: Beyond Border 1st Day Box Office Collection: –      04 – 05 Cr.
1971: Beyond Border 2nd Day Box Office Collection: –     05.50 Cr.
1971: Beyond Border 3rd Day Box Office Collection: –     07 Cr.
1971: Beyond Border 4th Day Box Office Collection: –     02.90 Cr.
1971: Beyond Border 5th Day Box Office Collection: –     02.70 Cr.
1971: Beyond Border 6th Day Box Office Collection: –     02.60 Cr.
1971: Beyond Border 7th Day Box Office Collection: –     02.00 Cr.
1971: Beyond Border 8th Day Box Office Collection: –     02.10 Cr.

Total Box Office Collection: –         26.80 – 27.80 Cr.

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1971: Beyond Borders Synopsis: 1971: Beyond Borders is an upcoming war drama film


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